Cherokee flutes

The Native American Flutes are a sacred instrument, used to communicate with the spirit, usually in the form of improvisation, meditative compositions or in ceremonies that connect heaven and earth through the inner sound expressed by this beautiful wind instrument created by the indigenous cultures that inhabited and still inhabit North America (Hopi, Cherokee, apache, etc.).

With a native flute the system of the airflow is different than the recorder flute, the airflow is facilitated by the “birds” that bring the sound concentrated from the inside.

Rucayum have a version of the native flute adapted to the materials found in Brazil, for example, we have a model with a bamboo pipe cured and treated naturally, This is a noble material used for pipes in the southern hemisphere and is mixed with hardwoods such as peroba and Ocotea catharinensis in “the little birds” and the mouthpiece.

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